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AC Markets Limited plan to expand business to worldwide, our key of expand business are educating and developing a group of peoples which include talents, international vision and cross-cultural communication skill to create a high capacity, high potential and global partner to help AC Markets Limited to internationalisation.

Risk Control Expert

1. Master statistical modeling, data mining, and machine learning methods that widely used in market;

2. Familiar with various deep learning algorithms, unsupervised algorithms, text classification algorithms, knowledge graphs, etc. with relevant practical experience.

Senior Network Operation and Maintenance Engineer

1. Have extensive and in-depth knowledge of routing and switching protocols (OSPF, BGP, STP) and troubleshooting expertise;
2. Experience in designing and/or supporting large-scale multicast networks, with an emphasis on financial market data feed;
3. Have an in-depth understanding of security best practices related to all aspects of the network (firewall, proxy, penetration scanning, SSL, IPsec, Dot1x);
4. A comprehensive understanding of the network concepts behind virtual environments and various hybrid cloud plans.